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Our Mission

The International Theater Project uses theater as a catalyst for education, self-discovery and empowerment among young people in disenfranchised communities around the world. We strive to nurture their voices as future leaders for change and community development.

Through our theater workshop training, students learn to present their thoughts confidently, to solve problems collaboratively, and to look at their world differently.


The International Theatre Project creates multi-year community-based theatre residencies for children and teen-agers in disenfranchised communities in developing countries. We put particular focus on countries and regions recovering from conflict and trauma. We partner with local schools, community centers, orphanages, refugee camps and arts organizations. Residencies range from 2 - 5 weeks and culminate in performances of an original ensemble play written and performed by the students for their community.

Our residency work imparts essential life skills to young people through training in the foundational skills of theatre, including playwriting, acting, directing and ensemble production and performance. ITP's Culturally Responsive Framework places the unique cultural identities and life experiences of our students at the center of the learning experience.

Our programs encourage students to examine and value their unique life circumstances and give voice to their hopes and dreams. This approach helps our students more readily envision the powerful potential they have both on stage and in their lives.

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Experiential theatre training is a journey of personal development and self-discovery. During our residencies students gain the communication skills and confidence necessary to take the stage. Writing exercises open the door to mastering self-expression and creative thinking. Producing an original play develops leadership abilities and harnesses the powers of collaboration and innovation which transfer to important life skills.

At the conclusion of an ITP theatre residency, our students have learned to trust their ideas and their abilities and to put their thoughts and dreams into action. The stage has been set for brighter future.

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